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The Mount Dora Craft Fair in August of 2019 was ranked #4 by Sunshine Artist Magazine of the 200 BEST Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows in the entire U.S.A.


Dear Janet, Thanks to you, Brian and all the people that helped to make this years’ Mt Dora Craft Fair such a tremendous success. We loved our new spaces on Baker and had great neighbors. Yours truly, Jean and Bob Parish

Hi Janet,
Thanks for your understanding of my application mix-up and finding a place for Barefoot Toes. I even found a notation on the calendar Jan. 20 that I had applied to the Fall show. I promise to be more attentive to details in the future.
Again, you and Brian did a fantastic job of putting together a festival that attracts vendors and festival goers. Barefoot Toes was super busy on Sat. and I appreciate you allowing Lisa to come help Sun. Business turned out to be slower on Sun. and two of us could have managed. However, in 2015 we were as busy on Sun. as Sat. So, it’s hard to predict.
Your hair is beautiful! Sun. in the golf cart may have been the first time I ever saw you without a ponytail and helmet or hat!
I hope the merchants and citizens of Mt. Dora appreciate your efforts. Mt. Dora is a happening place, in part, because of your efforts. Folks love to visit and experience the charm and ambiance.
Ruth Lane
Barefoot Toes

Hi Janet, Bonnie and I want to thank you for all your assistance at this years craft festival. We get many people who come every year for a new dog collar.
This year we set a new sales record, maybe due to the extra visibility.
Look forward to joining you in the years to come.
Regards, Don Darcy

What a great show! Thank you so much for inviting me to join this year. As the paper said, sales were great, weather spectacular and we had so much fun hanging out with such a fun crowd of people. Thanks too for asking Christine Cole to call me for an interview. When I saw my name in the paper Friday morning, I just couldn’t believe it! What fun was that….my minute of fame! I meet your mother yesterday having lunch at Tavares Sushi. What a cute lady. I could see the resemblance. Thanks again for all your hard work making Mount Dora the “Go To” place in Florida.

Thank you Visit Mount Dora and all who helped and attended the Mount Dora Craft fair!! What a perfect weekend.
Lynn Wisniewski – Under the Cherry Blossoms

Thank you to everyone at Visit Mount Dora for a wonderful time at the 32nd Annual Arts and Craft Fair! Sales were through the roof and we met so many wonderful people!! Looking forward to next year! Lora Ann Cheese

A heartfelt thank you to the staff and awesome volunteers that help things flow throughout the festival. You guys rock!!
Silvia Levy

Thanks to all who run and volunteer at this event. It was a top notch fair, with an incredible turnout. I am grateful for all that you do to help the vendors and make this a special fair. Laurel Rund

Your work and dedication to your home town is not only evident but envious. You allow us to be “residents” of your great city even if only for the weekend. You and your team are great and promote not just an event but open a window to what living in central Florida could be like for those wanting/needing to relocate. We are always deeply appreciative of what the volunteers offer and demonstrate and how fabulously the police are to protect us and our “stuff.”
When we saw the mat, the chicken mat, we immediately thought of you and not only how unique you are but what a great time we always have in Mount Dora and knew that we wanted to say thanks in a different way. Enjoy it. We are also glad that mom likes her purse and hope that it meets her purse needs and that she is reminded of how you care for/about her. That is great to see.
I hope you will be able to get some rest and refreshment before plunging headlong into your next project.
See you in March.
Take care.
Robin and Steve

I thought this years show was amazing….as you continue to expand it also seems to run smoother too!
I figure you might not get as much positive feedback as you get complaints about this or that so thought I’d take a minute and say thank you.
Can’t wait for the Spring show now….when do applications go out?
Cathie Myers
Quilts by Cathie Myers

Hey you two…
I just wanted to say this years festival was the best yet! (Thank you Mother Nature)
The entry and exit plans went more smoothly than ever before.
The cookies and water ladies during setup are always appreciated.
Albert rocks!
Our neighbors were wonderful yet again.
We just love your town 🙂 (Norm’s & the Goblin Market!!)

Great Job! You guys are at the top of our list for event coordinators. Thank you for everything!

Dalene, Kasy & Kyle Bradshaw

Dear Janet,
Thanks to you, Brian and all the people that helped to make this years’ Mt Dora Craft Fair such a tremendous success. We loved our new spaces on Baker and had great neighbors.
Yours truly,
Jean and Bob Parish

I would like to thank you so very much for making an absolutely wonderful show this year. Whatever you do to make them come, they came. Setup was smooth, takedown seemed to not be the hustle and bustle that usually happens at the close of shows. Good job!
This show has been the best one I have ever had in my six years of doing shows. (Really!) Being able to show my photography on both outside walls helped tremendously (I have soooo much varied stuff to display!). And I actually had repeat customers! Thank you for letting me have that space again.
Looking forward to next year!
Robin Rebeck

Brian and Janet;
Congratulations on such a great show! This was my second year as an artist and I could’nt have asked for a better weekend. I was in D024, what a wonderful location. The idea of the parking lot as the street (Lot 12) was great. I was able to park, load and unload by walking a minimal distance, which cut my time significantly. Please convey to all the volunteers a job well done. They did their jobs professionally, with a smile! Thanks again for such a great show. I look forward to next year.
Terry Grieninger
Jewelry by Mr. G

Hello, I just want to say Thank You to you and your team for making my experience as a vendor a positive one. Communication was great from the beginning, the parking passes were very well though out, Set up was easy, parking was close by, the crowd was great, the weather was beautiful, and take down was no problem what so ever. There was an amazing variety of crafters and we were all spaced out very thoughtfully. Thank you again!!! I look forward to next year.
Doreen Hill

Dear Janet and team,
I would like to say thank you for the opportunity you gave us to attend in the Craft Fair.
We had a blast selling our products, we heard people saying that our product is delicious and some of them came back on Sunday to buy more.
We completely loved everything, the organization was incredible.
For our surprise our tent was located in front of the restaurant 1921 and we had a pleasure to met Chef Norman Van Aken.
To be honest with you the spot was saved by God lol , because when we got there someone picked our spot by mistake.
We were next the people who were selling soaps and they said every year they stay in the same place. Please keep on us in the same space in front of the restaurant, we definitely loved lol.
We want to attend next year in this event.
Please let me know about the next events. We would love to attend.
Once again , thank you very much.
Brigadeiro Go

Hello Janet,
Thank you and all your staff for a best-ever Fair this weekend!
Everything was especially well organized, the set-up and tear-down at 6th and Donnelly went smoother than ever, and every artisan I spoke with was very pleased with ops and sales.
Thanks for the wonderful organization, the calm, orderly set-up and tear-down, the helpful traffic directors, and an overall terrific show. And I have never seen the logistics of set-up and tear-down run so smoothly, quietly, and effectively.
And finally…..of all my 15 years at this same corner, my sales this weekend were the BEST EVER.
Alan, The Egg Man

Hi Janet:
Just wanted to give you some feedback. Interestingly, our section of the street was less populated with consumers than the other streets. However, we enjoyed the event and want to come back next year.
Can you put us down for the streets on the other end of Baker St. that we were on, or Alexander street near the park?
I thank you so much for helping us out and getting us in. The parking was easy, the event helpers were great, you are a great coordinator!
Thank you!
Terri Toner
Pirate Johnny’s

Hi Janet,
I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a wonderful show and time we had in Mount Dora. Your group of volunteers are the best, everything was so well organized and it was a pure joy to participate. Everyone we met from the folks at the local coffee shop, those who make Mount Dora their home and people in an and about town were some the best people we have met anywhere. I know it’s usual to hear about all the mishaps after an event but I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible job you all did. Have a wonderful day.
Thank You,
Lois and Leo Morin
Pouring Candles

Janet, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for working out my parking problem. It worked out just fine. The show was a booming success and you did such a great job with the weather too! I made my reservations for next year with the hotel hoping that i will be accepted for next years show. It was great and again thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to next year.
Peter Murfitt and Trees By The Sea

With pleasure Janet! Hope you all enjoy your Kudu Klips.
We had a great show once again this year. Always look forward to your festival.
See you next year.
All the best.
Kudu Klip

2015 Show Reviews

Thanks so much for all you do to make this show happen! I can’t even imagine the amount of work that must go into putting something this big together. We appreciate all you do! Have a great day!
Launda Soper
Alpacas of Willow Hill, LLC

Hello Brian and Janet,
You could give seminars to other event coordinators! I appreciate your organization, being visible on the segways, your awareness of the entire event, and having a public communication system for messages. This is the first time Barefoot Toes has been in the Fall event (we have been in the spring event twice). We were very well received. We even had two customers on Sat. who purchased in the morning and returned later in the day for something else. Folks were patient even when Internet service slowed CC processing. Our location was on Baker Street (B-38). I think it might have been a new addition to the festival; it worked great for us. Thank your for a fantastic Fall Festival.
Ruth Lane
Barefoot Toes

Suzi Fromm

Extra thanks from Last Call Glass. The event was a complete pleasure!
Gail Small

Wow, what a show. FYI we have been doing festivals in Florida for the past 14 years and Mt Dora has consistently been one of our top money makers. But this year was different. We exceeded our last year sales by a whooping 55%. Yes, we did 155% of what we did last year. And even more interesting is that our Sunday sales are always a very consistent 45-50% of Saturday sales. Not this year, Sunday sales were 63% of Saturday.
Thanks Mt Dora!
Mannix Vanilla

The best show and especially the best organization, it could not have been possible without the two of you. It Was totally a pleasure in every way.
Thank you!
Oralba Shoes

My Friends, you all did a magnificent job! The show was amazing and your team is the best anywhere! I love seeing you and hope that we are able to see you again soon 🙂
Rose Loretto

Hi Janet & Brian,
You both and the team are the best. Thank you so much for your dedication and times. We need more people like you all.
Thank you again.
Smiley & PK

Hi Brian and Janet,
Another Spectacular Job – Thank you! See you in March! Robin Ring
Robyn’s Garden

As one of the artist at the show I just wanted to take a moment to say this was a superlative event run by Brian, Janet and their team. Load in was a breeze and load out went so smoothly. This was by far the most well run and organized show I have ever been a part of. Brian and Janet both checked in with me through out the show to see if everything was going well which made me feel appreciated. Good people who care about their vendors. Great publicity with a high numbers of attendees. Words can never express how impressed I am by the professional job done by Brian and Janet. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this epic event!
Beth Ann Woolfolk
How Art Thee Mosaics

Hi Janet,
THANK YOU very much for once again for an AMAZING show. This is truly the best run show. I have been doing shows for over 20 years and not 1 comes close to your show! Lots of my customers raved to me about the show. You did an amazing job & every year you top it. I know a lot of hard work goes into this & I want to say thank you & I sure do appreciate everything you have done. It has not gone unnoticed. I wanted to give you a token thank you gift but was slammed until late Sunday. Then it was packing & we stayed late to help my brother-in-law load his trailer. Please email me a mailing address and in the next few weeks I will be able to send you something. Thanks to you & your show I sold more then half my inventory so I have a lot of work to do but, that’s a good thing. I’ll wait to hear from you & try & get some much needed rest.
Best Regards,
Sindi Karman J

Dear Janet,
Thank you so much for your leadership this past weekend and for all of your incredible support leading up to it. From Friday afternoon until Sunday evening everything just fell right into place. This can only happen when someone such as yourself is leading. All of your volunteers were professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, helpful. I am already looking forward to next year. You did an awesome job and are to be commended. This was by far One of the best organized shows I have done. Thank you again for doing what you do.
Michele Myers with Pampered Hearts Soap.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend! This was our fourth time participating with this festival and it gets better every year! Staff, volunteers, police, everyone was fantastic. See you next year!
Kathy L. Varricchio
Reva Foods, LLC.

Dear Janet,
What a splendid festival! I was overwhelmed at the number of people who came to the event. It would be hard not to have fun with so much to see and do ( and of course all that good food!) I doubt few people are aware of the enormous amount of work it takes to hold such an event. You are without a doubt the best event coordinator I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and we typically do about 15 festivals every year, so I work with a lot of coordinator…you win! especially want to thank you for giving us such a fantastic location. For it being our first year, I couldn’t believe we had such a prime location. I do have one suggestion though… I think the close proximity of our booth to entrance may have created somewhat of a log jamb at the entrance. So many people wanted to sample our honey, that I noticed people were standing around and thus tying up the flow. We definitely want to be close to the entrance if we are lucky enough to be chosen to participate next year, but maybe a few booth spots down might be better for your crowd control. I know some of those spots are at a pretty tough incline, so of course, we probably couldn’t manage that with our glass jars,but there might be one in that same area that would work for us and I think really help you…just a thought… Also, I wanted to let you know that next year we will take measures to reduce all those bees flying around. I was told there were beehivesdown the street, so naturally they are gonna show up with all that honey, but we have ways that will reduce the problem, so they won’t be so annoying… Well, once again, thank you so much for taking such good care of us. I do hope you were pleased with our presentation… Nancy Gentry

It is Peter Murfitt and Trees By The Sea. Thanks for a great show this weekend. The weather was wonderful and the crowds too. I am interested in the Spring show as well as the October show next year. You stopped by my booth yesterday and we talked about being closer to entry points so that people could carry my trees and wreaths more easily to there cars. I was on the hill in booth 347 for this show. Before I apply to the Spring show I would like a a corner or an end for side exposure and I need electric. I am going to apply and need you suggestions for my location before applying. Thanks again for a great show and I look forward to hearing from you.
Peter Murfitt

Just a note to thank you for all the help you have given us this year and the last couple years as well. We wouldn’t have been able to do the show otherwise. Our health is telling us it is time to quit the weekend shows and we thank you for the many years we have been a part of your show. We started in l997 and think we have done the show every year since that time. We will really miss it but it definitely is time. Sincerely,
Jerry and Marian Spitzack

The fall arts & crafts festival was awesome!! The weather was perfect and the crowds were great! We sold out around 1pm Sunday. We brought more product than we did in the spring but obviously we under estimated…. we will be better prepared next year. I know that you mentioned to Scott that you might consider moving us for the Spring show… we liked our location this spring but if you would like to move us that will be fine… the corner spots work great for us because we can spread out a little. Loved our location this past weekend. I think that I accidentally requested electric on my spring application. We do not need electric. Can you please adjust that application?
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again in the Spring.
Susan Wyatt
Southern Yankee Woodworking

You do such a wonderful job of organizing everything, first class. I think I may have already submitted an application for the Spring, my memory is going. If you think of any other Mount Dora events that I would be a good fit for, shoot me an email. Get some rest.
Best Regards,
Claude Lamour
Half Ass Retired Dude

Good morning.
Just wanted to say thank-you. for a well run Fall show once again. The weather was perfect too! Great volunteer help this year. The only suggestion I would offer for improvement, would be to have a vendor only bathroom ( port-a-potty). The wait time for the ladies bathroom, was approx. 10- 15 minutes, which is too long to be away for a booth if you are a 1 person booth. Sincerely,
Dee Blucher
Sew Be It

Good Morning Janet,
I just have to say THANK YOU so very much for your help this yeat. This has been the most enjoyable show I have ever done and the help of you ,Brian and Cindy things could not have been better. Again I really want to THANK You and all volunteers for the great help. THis show was the largest sales ever at Mt. Dora , sold 91 units…WOW. Thanks Richard,407-273-6588…… Hope to see you,ll next year.
Richard Creel

* This was the first time for us at Mt. Dora. We were very impressed with how organized this event was. We will definitely be back next fall. Thanks again for a great experience.
Best Regards,
Darlene Reynolds

This was my 2nd year to participate & I was thrilled once agin to have been accepted. I was not disappointed in any way. It was very well organized & there were volunteers everywhere to help guide us, bringing water, cookies, making sure our set up was going well. I did not worry about leaving my displays. Everybody is glad to have us there. I even talked to several residents ( whose streets are clogged with our cars & trucks) how they feel about this massive number of people descending & they were glad we were there. The one & only drawback was having to wait an hour before being able to drive the car in to load up & leave. Other than that, thank you so much for all of your efforts & hopefully I will be back next year!
Marty Bosy
Fancy Fun and Flirty Jewelry

Brian & Janet,
I too would like to thank you for a WONDERFUL fair!!!! I have been doing this event for 11 or 12 years, and this year was another great one….the setup and teardown went absolutely flawlessly!!!!!!! Congratulations on a job well done…..please send me the link for next years application when it is availalble…….
Be blessed!!!!
Mike Woodfield

Dear Brian and Janet,
Just a note to thank you for a wonderful craft fair once again this year. I look forward to Mt. Dora each year as you have a wonderful town and both of you do such an excellent job of organizing the fair. Your time and effort is much appreciated. Will see you again next year!! Kind regards,
Stephanie Lemke #551

Great Show!! You guys did a wonderful job!! Ken Karpinski
SeaBeans with Style

The Mount Dora Craft Fair is one of the top events in the country and largest of it’s kind in the South East featuring an eclectic mix of arts and crafts from sculptures to ceramics to paintings to woodworking, and more, providing you with the opportunity to find unique gifts for you or for those on your holiday list. And with all of the crowds in the streets, it’s a perfect time to shop along the resident stores

For more information contact event sponsor Visit Mount Dora, Inc. at (352) 217-8390 /


  1. The new shuttle service(golf carts) was very much appreciated. We did not hesitate to make multiple purchases because we knew we would not have to walk and carry them. The golf cart service allowed us to park farther than we would have and eliminated trying to get as close as we could fighting traffic. Absolutely GREAT idea that I hope will continue for all festivals in Mount Dora.
    Thank you so much for improving the accessibility to the craft fair.

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