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The October Fall Craft fair is a JURIED event of hand crafted items, original art and original ideas. Application is not a guarantee of participation!
Applications are collected online each year between February 1 and July 1 and exhibitors are categorized and scored by a panel of judges. The time your application is received has nothing to do with the jury process and has no bearing on your potential acceptance. The highest average scoring exhibitors after the jury process are invited into the event and the remainder of the applicants are placed on the Waitlist. The list of Accepted Exhibitors is published in late July/early Aug every year on the website.

FOOD Concessionaires/Vendors – DO NOT apply here. Please contact:
San Francisco Puffs & Stuff, Inc.
3698 NW 16th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
954-584-1925: 954-584-9270 Fax

1. Who qualifies to be in the Mount Dora Fall Craft Fair?
Exhibitors who handcraft their own, original product are invited to apply. Company Reps, Buy Sell and Distributors will NOT be accepted through the application process. If you are a Company Rep, Buy Sell or a Distributor and make application, you will be rejected and your application fee is not refundable.
2. What if I am a Company Rep, Buy Sell or a Distributor and would like to participate? You can inquire about being a Sponsor to have a presence at the event.
3. Is this show JURIED?
YES. There is a new panel of jurors each year who select the best artisans in each category. Application to apply is NOT a guarantee of participation.
4. What about Art Transfer, Prints, CDs, Books?
If you are the artist with rights to the Original art and YOU are at the show representing yourself, you are invited to apply.
5. Are Food products allowed to be exhibited in the show?
If you are the original creator of the food or recipe (sauces, spices, dips etc) and it is packaged to be sold individually then you are invited to apply. Food VENDORS will not be accepted through the application system. If you are a FOOD VENDOR and make application, you will be rejected and your application fee is not refundable.
6. Why do you allow so many JEWELERS?
Jewelers are diverse artisans and can be separated into distinct categories (ie Precious stone, found objects, beadwork, organic material & mixed metals are just some different examples) The highest scoring jewelers in each category are accepted and others are added to the Wait List.
7. What is the COST to be in the show?
The base booth price is $300 + tax for the 2 day event. There is an upfront nonrefundable application fee of $25. Your final booth fee will be due if and when you are accepted into the show.
8. Premium Space Fees
Fees are added to the base booth fee when applicable from $25 for high demand locations up to $100 for Corners. If you are assigned a Premium Space and would like to opt out, we will move you and your fee will be adjusted.
9. Can I choose my BOOTH LOCATION?
You may indicate any space or area preferences on your application. Prior year exhibitors who are successfully juried in have first rights on reclaiming their space. We will try to accommodate your requests as best we can but requests are NOT guarantees of placement.
10. Is ELECTRIC available at the show?
Yes, you must request it in advance to have your booth placed near an outlet. The cost is $75.
11. Are there HANDICAP facilities?
Yes, if you indicate that you have special needs on your application, you will be placed as close as possible to parking and H/C restrooms.
12. Is there a standard TENT that is required?
All tents must be 10×10, with white top and no protruding awnings.
12. What if I need to RENT a tent, tables or chairs?
You can pick up or have Grand Rental deliver and set up any of these items as well as tablecloths and other items. Call (352)357-9242
13. Is there assigned PARKING for exhibitors?
Only exhibitors who choose to DOLLY-IN from their vehicle on Friday night Set Up will be guaranteed a parking space within the event area. Mount Dora is a small historic town with many small parking areas. Although the pass is good for the weekend, we do not have the manpower to monitor every lot to regulate preassigned spaces so Sat and Sun parking is based on an “honor system”. Please place your pass showing your parking lot on your dashboard. Those without assigned lots can find parking outside the event area or ask a volunteer where the overflow parking is located. If you park in a parking lot for which you do not have a parking assignment you will be asked to move your vehicle to your assigned lot or outside of the event area!
14. What is DOLLY IN?
Dolly in means you arrive in your assigned lot before 4:30 p.m. You may start carrying your items to your booth space from your assigned lot and at  5 p.m. or when the all clear has been given you may begin your set up at your booth
15. What if I can’t carry all my stuff from my car to my booth space?
Exhibitors who need to unload their cars directly at their booth space must wait in line in their vehicle outside the event area until their assigned Set Up Time. When you get to your space, you must UNLOAD completely, PARK your car and then return on foot to SET UP
16. What if I have a TRAILER in tow or OVERSIZED vehicle to park?
Please indicate this to us on your application or in an email and we will suggest areas that will accommodate your needs. Some parking areas may be too small to turn around in if pulling a trailer.
17. What if I need EXTRA TIME or SPACE (Vehicles with tongues or pulling extra long trailers) for my SET UP?
Please let us know in advance so that we can assign you the latest (7:15PM) Setup Time. This is a courtesy to other exhibitors trying to Set Up next to you and others trying to pass by.
18. Can I SET UP on SATURDAY morning?
Yes. Saturday set up time starts at 6AM. All vehicles must be out of the event area by 8:15AM. Please let us know that you plan to set up on Sat so that we can anticipate traffic control needs.
19. Is there a CHECK IN place and do I NEED to check in?
Check-In is located at First United Methodist Church at 439 E. 5th Ave, Mount
You do NOT need to check in if you have your Exhibitor/Parking Pass in hand, understand where your booth space is, entry point and entry time. Someone will be available at Check-In to assist exhibitors who forget their information on FRIDAY 2PM-6PM and SAT 6AM- 8AM. If you arrive outside of those times, call (352)217-8390 for instructions.
City Ordinance does not allow pets. Only certified service dogs are allowed in the event area.
21. What if I am travelling in an RV or CAMPER?
We do not provide areas to accommodate RVs and Campers. Some prior exhibitors have used Renningers (352)978-0642 on Hwy 441. Mt Dora or Southernaire Mobile Home Park (352)383-2848 at 1700 Sanford Rd. Mt Dora.
22. Where do we STAY in Mount Dora?
You can find lodging options at www.MountDoraLodging.com. Book early since the rooms get filled fast with exhibitors as well as guests coming to the show.
23. What is there to do in Mount Dora?
You can find plenty of information and things to do at www.GoMountDora.com
IF YOU HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS. Please call Janet Gamache, Event Coordinator at (352)217-8390

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