Exhibitor Terms & Conditions


1. An accepted application is a commitment to participate in the event and there are No Refunds or cancellations for any reason.

2. All work must be produced using the original art, recipe or idea that has been patented, trademarked or has a copyright by the exhibitor present.
If your booth is audited and you are found to have items not submitted in your application, you may be asked to remove the items.

3. If your booth is audited and you are found to be a company or artist “Representative” and not the originator of the product, you may be asked to leave the event. NO Refunds will be given.

4. Each exhibitor’s space measures 10’x10’. Work must be contained within the assigned space. If your work protrudes and draws complaints from neighboring exhibitors, you are required to move your items into your allocated space.

5. Tents must be white. Tents must be substantial and weighted to withstand 40mph wind and crowds. No stakes allowed. Protruding awnings on the front of tents are Not Allowed per city Fire Code.

6. ALL Vehicles must be out of the event area Saturday and Sunday by 8:15AM. If you arrive late, you will be required to dolly your items to your space from outside of the event area.

7. PETS are NOT permitted within the event footprint. This is a City of Mount Dora Ordinance.

8. Although security is provided, the city of Mount Dora remains open to the public before and after the published event hours. It is the exhibitor’s sole responsibility to remove or secure items overnight to deter theft.

9. Exhibitors must exhibit and be OPEN until published end time of the event each day. Closing up early may disqualify you from participation at any of our future events.

10. Each artist is responsible for their own applicable sales tax according to state and federal laws.

11. Be Courteous to guests and other exhibitors. Failure to abide by these terms & conditions may include immediate ejection from the event and suspension from exhibiting in future shows.

12. You MUST park in your assigned parking lot if you are parking inside the event area. The assigned lot number is printed on your exhibitor/parking pass.  You may park on any City right-of-way outside of the event area that is not designated as a “NO Parking” area.

I do hereby release and hold harmless Visit Mount Dora, Inc. board members, the City of Mount Dora and its employees as well as any event volunteers of and from any and all manner of actions, suits, damages whatsoever arising from any loss or damage to my property or anyone’s properties in my possession or supervision. Applicant(s) also warrants that the work submitted for jurying and the work to be exhibited are the same and were produced solely by him/her in the category(s) in which accepted. Exhibitors’ work that does not correspond with the quality represented in the submitted images will be asked to remove their entire exhibit. A completed application is a commitment to show. No refunds will be made for cancellation once an artist has been accepted. The Mount Dora Craft Fair Committee reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules, terms & conditions.

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