Exhibitor Traffic Flow Map for Load-in

Rules of the Road: (Please familiarize yourself with these rules!)

Load-in – Friday Evening

* Vehicles will NOT be allowed to enter the event area prior to the All-Clear from the Mount Dora Police Department. This is usually 5:00pm if we do not have to tow vehicles out of the event area.
* The Exhibitor/Parking Pass MUST be displayed on the vehicle dashboard in clear view to pass through the barricade and enter the event area! Please include a phone number where we may reach you!
* Traffic flows through the event area from north to south and west to east ONLY! Please obey the traffic pattern. Baker St. exhibitors are the exception which is noted on the map.
*The right lane is for unloading only! Park right of center line to unload. The left lane MUST remain open for emergency vehicles and exhibitors to pass.
* Once you have unloaded items into your booth space against the curb, proceed to your assigned parking and return to complete setup. NO tents will be allowed to be setup while your vehicle is on the street! If you require more time to unload we will assign you to a later Load-in time to accommodate your needs.
* You may only enter the event area at your assigned time or after your assigned time and via your assigned entrance point!
* Vehicles will be allowed to enter the event area after 6:00 AM on Saturday morning and after 7:00 AM on Sunday morning.
* ALL vehicles MUST be out of the event area by 8:15 AM on Saturday and Sunday morning. NO vehicles will be allowed into the event area after 8:00 AM.

Load-out – Sunday Evening

* Do NOT break down your booth prior to 5:00 PM!!
* You MUST break down your booth completely, place the items against the curb and be ready to load your vehicle prior to entering the event area. Do NOT violate this rule!!
* Enter the event area with your vehicle via the same entry point as load-in.
* NO vehicles will be allowed into the event area prior to the Mount Dora Police Department all-clear announcement! This is a public safety issue as pedestrians linger inside the event area and use the streets instead of sidewalks.

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